Drew Dunn

German National Lacrosse Team hopeful for Denver 2014 FIL World Games. Training CrossFit to live.

Nov 16
So pumped for my new #anotherbestday swag! Thanks @anotherbestday

So pumped for my new #anotherbestday swag! Thanks @anotherbestday

Oct 13

Shout out to my strength bestie Kim who made me home made mac & chz! #PostWorkout #Yummy @KimMacIM @halomaceface

Shout out to my strength bestie Kim who made me home made mac & chz! #PostWorkout #Yummy @KimMacIM @halomaceface

Oct 6
Got these for cheap at the outlet yesterday. Jerked 120kg for a PR this morning with em on! #Oly #weightlifting #jerk

Got these for cheap at the outlet yesterday. Jerked 120kg for a PR this morning with em on! #Oly #weightlifting #jerk

Jun 24


Debated about putting this on here but here it is: A bittersweet Father’s Day fly fishing piece. Emotionally charged and deeply contemplative, this video cannot be watched and understood without reading the text below. Big shout out to William J. Meyer for sharing this with us.

“I was ambivalent about sharing this video publicly, but my Mother asked me to do it, so I will follow her judgment.

I made this video with and for my father, Larry Zander, who died a few weeks ago, on May 27, 2011.
He was 78.

For those of you who knew my Dad, you will instantly recognize him in his natural habitat.

To those of you who never met him, just know the river was his Church.

He taught me everything of value, including how to respect others, and how to love and engage the Lord with my mind as well as my spirit.

He also taught me something that I only came to realize as an adult, and that is the immense capacity of the human heart.

You see, I didn’t meet Larry until I was eight years old.

He was not my biological father.

When my Mother first brought Larry into my young life, quite naturally my first instinct was to resist.

Yes, resist this stranger who was not only showing my Mother a great deal of attention, but was also replacing me as the man of the house!

Resist both him and his attempts to love me.

I can’t tell you when it happened, there was no definitive moment, but somehow I learned to trust not only Larry, but God, too, for I truly believe He introduced Larry to my Mother.

Both of them knew what they were doing, though I was too young to know it.

When I stopped resisting, only then did I find love.

Last summer I asked Dad if we could shoot this video with my new camera, and so we awoke before dawn - uncomfortable for me, but old-hat to my Dad, a lifelong fisherman!

We spent the day together up on Crystal River in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

During Christmas 2010 I showed him this video, not without trepidation. After all, I had selected Cat Steven’s “Father and Son” to underscore the piece, and I was initially concerned that Dad wouldn’t like the theme of the song.

When the video ended, I looked over at him sitting on the other end of the couch. 
He was doubled-over, crying. He looked up at my Mom and simply said, “Play this at my funeral.”

Which we did, on Memorial Day, in our backyard beside his trout pond.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I will always love you.
And thank you for everything.

-your son, william”

Jun 20

A Day on the Piney River for Father’s Day

Below is a photo log of my Dad and I’s day on the Piney River.  Day began at 4:00 am, and a scenic drive through southern VA nested us at our destination:  the starting point of a 3-Mile trek through the dark and wooded forests of the Shenandoah National Park. Using an old 200 year-old mountain road as our guide, we hiked over weaving paths through the mist and were sheltered from the rain by the gloomy canopies of the maples, the pines and the oaks above.  Seeing remnants of rock walls, cattle fences, and step farming from mountain life over 100 years ago along the way, we finally reach, deep into the mountains, a pristine and untouched stretch of the Piney River.  Happy Father’s Day Dad, to the original old man and true master of the art of fly fishing.


A good start to a surreal day on the Piney.  Wild Brookie bearing its signiture spots and white tipped fins.


Smooth cast through dense green, nods to the old man with a quality cast.


Brook Trout biting, green inch worms losing.  Yellow stone flies are hatching and also working.


Beautiful hole, six trout caught, and above rest the falls.


Perched on a fungus spore.


No way around the falls, so we have to climb strait up through it.  I took a video with my phone climbing up the falls.


The old water testing facility, still in use today.  Mist still lingers on the waters and the day is nearly done.


The expression leaves no doubt.  Over 30 wild Brook Trout between us, nothing spoils a day of success on the water.


The last glimpse of the Piney and its splendor before our hike out.  The mist blurs my lens and masks the true magnanimity of the woods we left.  As the Piney and the National Forest continue to change, it becomes more and more difficult to fish.  We may not be back, but this stretch remains for those who still wish to find it.